How Hot/Cold Packs Can Help Fight Pain

Pain isn’t just a feeling—it can rewrite who we are. When we’re in pain, we’re less likely to be active and more likely to sit out important opportunities in life. Rest may seem like the most comfortable option, but research shows inactivity can be debilitating to a person’s mind and body, and some experts believe it can even lead to chronic pain.

Many healthcare professionals point to heat and cold therapies to help manage ongoing pain. Hot/cold packs are made to keep you moving toward the best moments in your life. Take a look at how they can work as part of your pain management toolkit and your lifestyle.

Start with Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, is the application of ice or cold temperature to an injury. Lowering the temperature in the body around an injury constricts blood vessels and decreases blood flow to where it’s applied. This slows your swelling and reduces pain and inflammation.

When to Use Cold Therapy

Apply cold therapy to an injury that has occurred in the last 24 hours. Follow the doctor-recommended rule of 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, within that first 24-hour window to slow swelling and help relieve your pain.

How to Apply Cold Therapy

Nix the leaky ice bag and opt for more convenient and comfortable products. Put a cold pack directly on the site of the injury. THERAºPEARL Packs and Wraps are drip-free, come in body part specific sizes and some even include built-in Velcro straps. So you don’t have to worry about the pack slipping or moving away from where you need relief. But the best part about the THERAºPEARL Packs? They can be used for both cold therapy and heat therapy, meaning you get two types of pain relief for the price of one.

Try Heat Therapy

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, involves applying heat to stiff, sore, tight or injured muscles and joints. Heat increases blood flow to an injury or sore spot, relaxing muscles and making movement easier. Once swelling has gone down, use heat to stimulate blood circulation and speed up recovery time.

When to Use Heat Therapy

Wait at least 24 hours after an injury. Do not apply heat when there is active swelling. You can even use heat therapy before workouts and activities to increase circulation, warm up muscles and soothe pain.

How to Apply Heat Therapy

Put a heat pack directly on the site of pain, leaving it there for 20 minutes. THERAºPEARL Heat Packs and Wraps are dual-use heat/cold packs designed to fit your body. They can be microwaved to deliver heat therapy where you need it, fast.

As with any injury, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional to fully understand your pain and appropriate treatments for you. One recommendation: don’t wait to find relief. Managing pain from start to finish with thermal therapies can be part of your pain management toolkit, so you can stay active and living life to its fullest.